We are a company specializing in digital solutions.

Our IT solution packages will help you grow your business, make now your products and services and boost your sales.

Our goal is to provide you with all types of technology and IT services allowing a better management of the resources and activities of your company. Take a step in the digital world to support the branding of your structure.

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Who are we ?

ACORPORATE is the result of the collaboration between several young graduates with skills variety.

Our vision is to allow all the structures of the sub-region to acquire essential technological means to enable them to compete on a level playing field with other companies.

On the initiative of this company KAZANDOU Moise, CEO holds a BaMaster in Logistics and AGBAVON Kokou, Software Engineer.

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Products & Services

Here are some of our most requested services. They are available in single order or understood in solution packs.

  • Grow your business

    Make your products and activities known through a standardized strategy for advertising, referencing and partnerships.

  • Promote your structure

    Increase your online presence through a website. Create and communicate regularly with a community of people likely to adhere to your products and services.

  • Video surveillance

    Set up a video surveillance system in your company.

  • Computerized management of your resources

    Set up computer systems for managing your business processes, of your employees and other resources of your company.

  • Application Design

  • Audits & Training & Monitoring

    Train yourself or your employees in innovative technologies. Follow and audit your projects to identify technical, organizational and financial weaknesses.

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